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We are dedicated to supporting the Australian community and ensuring that Australian profits remain on shore.

Australia Profits is passionate about promoting Australian owned goods and services to Australian consumers. At Australia Profits, we care about people. Supporting as many Australians as we can, we work together to ensure that we – all of us, as a people and a nation – can prosper.

Our mission is to build and strengthen Australia’s economy through encouraging local investment and championing Australian businesses.

Our goal is right there in our name; Australia Profits. We are dedicated to building a strong Australia so that our country can profit, not only for today, but for generations to come.


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By supporting and empowering Australian businesses, we can unite as a nation and watch our local communities thrive.


We are passionate about our home, passionate about our people, and passionate about the work local businesses do to keep Australia strong.


As a trusted brand, we are committed to providing community assurance that money spent in Australia stays in Australia.


We want to see Australian businesses and local enterprises grow, and we're dedicated to making that happen.

Why Australia Profits?

Here's why you should be supporting Australian businesses

Support the Australian Economy

When customers spend money at a local business, that money circulates through their community and helps to bolster our Australian economy.

Reinforce production and manufacturing in Australia

We want to keep our skills in the country and pass our knowledge of the production and manufacturing trade on to future generations.

Support our local businesses

Buying from one Australian business means supporting all of the other Australian businesses who contributed along the way.

Support Australian workers

Shopping locally paves the way for business growth and provides more opportunities for Australians to join our local workforce.

Keep jobs in the country

By supporting Australian workers, we're also ensuring that employment opportunities remain abundant and readily available within our borders.

Support Australian exporters

As Australian communities continue to shop locally, we enable Australian businesses to grow and share our homegrown products with the world.

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