The Rinascentia® range is designed to take care of your overall wellbeing: your mind, body and skin.

Who We Are?

Rina’s passion for cosmetics started at a young age. Enchanted by stories of her immigrant grandmother, Teresa, who travelled to Australia by boat and made a living proudly and successfully selling AVON, Rina found a role model. Inspired by her grandmother’s poise, elegance, and sharp business sense, Rina decided to venture into the business world herself.

Concerned about the chemicals she was using on hers and her children’s sensitive skin, and passionate about helping like-minded people, Rina began developing a range of products made with natural, gentle ingredients. The inspiration for these products came from her love of cosmetics and her knowledge of health and wellbeing.

Today, the Rinascentia® multi award winning brand features signature cosmetics with a wide portfolio of clients. Using high performing nutritive ingredients, the Rinascentia® skin care range help to keep skin looking youthful longer, breathe new life into people’s self-esteem and confidence, so they are reborn.


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