Becoming a partner

Becoming a partner with Australia Profits enables you to show the world exactly who your brand is and what your business stands for.

Show consumers that your business is simply 100% Australian owned

Carry our Australia Profits branding with pride and show consumers your dedication to being Australian owned.

Join Australia Profits

Added credibility and authority to your brand and product

With our Australia Profits logo on your packaging, customers can trust that supporting your business means supporting all of Australia.

Keep jobs in Australia

It's important for Australians to be able to find work here at home. By supporting local business, we bring more local job openings to the fore.

Boost brand recognition and exposure

When you join Australia Profits, you join a trusted Australian business whose branding will help boost your own brand recognition and exposure.

Sign up with Australia Profits by following these 4 simple steps. With our impactful branding, you can show Australian consumers just how dedicated you are to being Australian owned.

  • Select a certification tier

    Simply choose a package that best suits your business type.

  • Complete our registration form

    This information will help our team locate and review your business registration via ASIC.

  • Company registration audit

    We will check your company details to ensure 100% Australian ownership, and get back in touch with you once approved.

  • Approval

    Your business will be listed on our website directory and you'll have access to the full range of features included in your chosen package.

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