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Why You Should Support Australian Small Businesses

There's no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has put the Australian economy under immense strain. Here's why and how you can support local small businesses.

Let’s boost the local economy and come back stronger

There’s certainly no doubt that 2020 has been an epic rollercoaster ride (not the enjoyable kind, the one you were forced to go on and didn’t want to be a killjoy). With bushfires, floods and the current COVID-19 pandemic, Australians have been put through a relentless cycle of doom and gloom, forced to sit, and wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Nonetheless, we are ‘the lucky country’ after all and together, we’ll make it through.

Despite the year feeling like it’s flown by in the blink of an eye, due to enforced lockdowns and activity restrictions, we’ve also seen the upside of the chaos. Never has there been a stronger movement to support local small businesses. With small businesses accounting for 35% of Australia’s gross domestic profit and employing 44% of Australia’s workforce, they play a crucial role in the nation’s future economic recovery.

Nationwide campaigns like ‘Go Local First‘ led by the Council of Small Business organisations Australia (COSBOA) and funded by the Morrison Government, are further backing this notion by urging Australians to purchase locally-made products and services. At Australia Profits, we’re doing our bit to support the Australian community and our country’s future by certifying and championing 100% Australian owned businesses – this means that the business entity is wholly Australian owned and 100% of the profits are kept within our shores. Find out how you can become a partner.

The benefits of supporting local businesses

With the coronavirus pandemic gatecrashing the 2020 party, the Australian economy has been placed under immense strain. Not only does supporting local businesses help to keep your favourite mum-and-pop shops open, but it also ensures that money is kept within our communities, helping the local economy thrive.

From heading down to your local café for your takeaway coffee fix to purchasing a handmade face mask from the ladies round the corner, communities are rallying behind their local small businesses – and for good reason.

Here are a few benefits when it comes to supporting local small businesses:

  • Bolsters the Australian economy
  • Ensures an abundance of employment opportunities for Australians
  • Reinforces production and manufacturing within our borders, reducing the reliance on offshore capabilities
  • Increases the range of homegrown products that we can share with the world
  • Many small businesses give back to the community through local sponsorships and charity work
  • Small businesses often become the heart of the community, a central hub to socialise
  • They allow for cultural diversity
  • You get to know the people behind the products and services
  • More likely to receive better, more personalised customer service, as well as product knowledge

10 ways you can support your favourite small businesses

Now’s your chance to give back to the community and throw your favourite local businesses a lifeline – even if you’re currently practicing social distancing.

  1. Shop from local retailers – rather than from online stores that are headquartered overseas
  2. Go on a virtual shopping spree – some businesses may have been forced to temporarily shut their doors, but check if they have a website so you can shop online
  3. Local groceries – find a local product market or order local produce boxes online
  4. Gift cards go a long way – this helps the business to maintain their cash flow and keeps them on their feet till they’re back up and running
  5. Order takeaway – support your favourite local cafes, restaurants and takeaways by ordering food for pickup or delivery
  6. Enrol in virtual classes – whether it’s yoga or an educational webinar, many businesses are taking their classes online
  7. Send a gift – send flowers, a self-care hamper or a grazing box from a small online business to your loved ones
  8. Reschedule events – rather than cancelling and requesting a refund, you can simply reschedule your planned event
  9. Pay in advance – if you can afford to, pay for any goods or services that you’re using or have booked ahead of time
  10. Donate or start crowdfunding – if your favourite small business is really struggling, check if they’re open to receiving donations or setting up a fundraiser

If you’re strapped for cash, there’re still many ways you can support your local small businesses without buying (for free)

A few ideas to get you kickstarted:

  • Spread the love via social media – like, comment and share your favourite small business’s content and give them a shoutout online
  • Say thanks by telling others – write an online review or give word-of-mouth referrals for local businesses that you love
  • Send a kind note – shoot them a message, email, or give them a call to see how they’re holding up
  • Have patience – from stock shortages to delivery delays, a little patience and understanding goes a long way
  • Ask them – when in doubt, ask if there are any other areas you can help with

While the reasons as to why you should support local are endless, we hope these serve as a great reminder and inspiration as to why you should be shopping small, now more than ever. Let’s rebuild and strengthen our local economy for a brighter tomorrow and the generations to come. If you’re a 100% Australian owned business and would like to be certified, Australia Profits would love to get you started. Learn more about our certifications and memberships.

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